My name is Sandeep Bhardwaj. I live in New Delhi. For your comments, queries, suggestions and criticisms, I am available at:

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  1. You know you really should get me to do you a piece on the social reform movement in Western India in the late-19th century, right? Articulating the beginnings of what went on to become the women’s movement in India is a fascinating exercise.

  2. Hi Sandeep, I’ve become a fan of your blog. I like the way you have structured the stories. It is crisp. Great job, buddy. Awaiting your blog on Indira vs the Syndicate.

  3. I was drawn to your website while searching about the 1971 war. I have been reading about it for the past two years. But no where have I found the history in such a concise form. It was a pleasure reading the first two parts. I am waiting for your next part. Keep up the the very good work and god bless. 🙂

  4. Hello Sandeep! Just read your posts on Indo- Pakistan war, 1971..they are brilliant in their conciseness despite being comprehensive.
    I’m a civil- service aspirant & you have to believe that your posts are best material I got on the issue.. Will be waiting for next 2 parts of the series.. Wishing you very best in life!

  5. Hi Sandeep, got to read your blog by chance and I have become a big fan of your writing. Your blog satiates my thirst for history and I feel lucky to be a regular reader of this blog. Just one thing, I got to read only first 2 parts of Indo-Pakistan war, 1971 and eagerly waiting for remaining parts. Please complete them and share ASAP.

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